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Blake Lewis


Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis

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Early Life and Family:

Blake Lewis was born July 21, 1981. He grew up in Bothell, Washington, a small town in the Seattle area. His parents are Dallas and Dinah Lewis. Reportedly, Blake Lewis began singing at the age of 5. He was also very interested in playing the drums from an early age. Today, Blake plays guitar, piano, and drums.

Blake Lewis - Singer:

Blake Lewis participated in school choir groups in junior high and high school. He took part in a variety of competitions and tours with school groups. Blake Lewis has also performed onstage acting and singing in musicals and comedies. In recent years Blake has been writing songs and was putting together a solo album at the time he went to audition for American Idol.

Blake Lewis - Beatboxer:

At the age of 17 Blake Lewis began beatboxing after being inspired by Matthew Selby, a former member of the Los Angeles a capella group M-Pact. In 1998, Blake joined the group Kickshaw and toured with them for 5 years until they disbanded. He can be heard beatboxing on their recording Put It In the Microphone.

American Idol:

Blake Lewis auditioned for American Idol in Seattle, Washington. In his audition he performed Seal's "Crazy." Blake's beatboxing has made apperances multiple times in the course of the show's season. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. The most dramatic use of beatboxing took place in a complete reworking of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name." Blake Lewis advanced to American Idol's finale as one of the final two contestants.

What Type of Recording Artist Will Blake Lewis Be?:

Blake Lewis has been perhaps the most unpredictable of the contestants on the 2007 edition of American Idol. He says that he wants his music to have pop, electronic, jazz, and hip hop elements. Among his stated favorite artists are Maroon 5, 311, and electronic music star BT.

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