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Christina Perri - "Jar Of Hearts"

An Independent Release Used On "So You Think You Can Dance" Becomes a Major Hit

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Christina Perri -

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

Courtesy Atlantic Records

Reality talent shows are more known for breaking new talent instead of new music, but the 2010 season of So You Think You Can Dance helped introduce Christina Perri to the mainstream, thanks to a powerful dance set to her song "Jar of Hearts." What is it about "Jar of Hearts" that has resonated with so many people and helped Christina Perri secure a recording contract with Atlantic Records? Find out in this review of "Jar of Hearts."

So You Think You Can Make a Hit Record?

"Jar of Hearts" got its big break during the 2010 season of So You Think You Can Dance, where contestants Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick brought the song to life via a powerful dance routine that captured the internal and external struggle of a relationship long past its expiration date (watch it here). Within a week, the song charted in both the US and Canada without being signed to a major label, and then three weeks later Christina Perri performed the song live on So You Think You Can Dance. From there, the record was picked up by Atlantic Records, and Christina Perri began working on her debut album due mid-2011.

"And Who Do You Think You Are?"

"Jar of Hearts" is an autobiographical song for Christina Perri, recalling an ex-boyfriend who wanted to reconnect after a tough breakup, and the pain of that struggle comes across loud and clear from the opening line, "No I can't take one more step towards you / cause all that's waiting is regret." There is a weariness in the opening verse of "Jar of Hearts" that signals to the listener that this isn't the first time this has happened, and Christina Perri does a great job building up her strength as the song moves toward the chorus, where the main character demands, "Who do you think you are?" There have been countless "you did me wrong" songs through the history of pop music, but identifying a serial dater as a collector of broken hearts is one of the more unique ways of displaying both hurt and frustration.

The Verdict

"Jar of Hearts" built into a bona fide hit over the span of six months, and that speaks to the song's impact and longevity. Between the universal theme of a love too toxic to endure and Christina Perri's raw delivery, "Jar of Hearts" has proven to be an impactful introduction for an artist that many are eagerly awaiting new music from. Only time will tell how big Christina Perri's star gets, but she definitely got a big leg up thanks to a powerful song.


Released July 2010 on Atlantic Records

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