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Colbie Caillat - "I Do"

Singer/Songwriter Releases First Single From Upcoming CD Due In May

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Colbie Caillat -

Colbie Caillat - "I Do"

Courtesy Universal Republic Records

Colbie Caillat quickly became a core artist for Adult Pop radio stations in the US, based on her first two albums Coco and Breakthrough. As she prepped for her third release in May 2011, she released the CD's first single "I Do" in February. The big question is can "I Do" match the success of her previous singles.

More of the Same?

If you follow the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," you will appreciate the fact that "I Do" maintains the sound that made Colbie Caillat popular. The acoustic arrangement, the shuffling beat, and the vocals floating along like they are propelled on a gentle ocean breeze are unmistakable trademarks of a Colbie Caillat song. If there is a modern California sound, songs like "Bubbly" and "Falling For You" would fit that mold, and "I Do" is a welcome addition to the genre.

The common theme between Colbie Caillat's previous hits has been love, whether it is a brand new relationship or the remains of a love gone wrong. "I Do" continues this tradition with the protagonist contemplating spending the rest of her life with the one she loves. While a lot of songs that have to do with marriage end up being ballads, "I Do" is an upbeat, happy song that captures the joy of realizing that you are with the person you want to spend your life with. 

What's New?

While Colbie Caillat remains true to what the public expects from her musically, "I Do" shows some expansion of her sound. The stand-out difference on "I Do" is the ukelele, which has become quite popular in recent years on songs like Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," "Hey Soul Sister" by Train, and Travie McCoy's collaboration with Bruno Mars on "Billionaire." Fortunately, on "I Do" the instrument choice fits perfectly and adds an additional layer of fun to an already upbeat song.

The Verdict

Colbie Caillat has a winner on her hands with "I Do," which made an immediate impact on the Adult Pop charts upon its release to radio. While she excels at heartbreaking ballads, Colbie Caillat is just as adept with upbeat tunes like "I Do." Here's hoping the rest of her May 2011 CD is as good as "I Do."

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