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3OH!3 - "My First Kiss" featuring Ke$ha

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


"My First Kiss" - 3OH!3 featuring Ke$ha

Courtesy Photo Finish Records

The Bottom Line

So how did your first kiss go? 3OH!3 are back with Ke$ha paying back the duo's guest appearance on her hit "Blah Blah Blah." There is really nothing particularly new here, but there is a hook, "My first kiss went a little like this," that threatens to stick in your head for days, a zippy amusement park ride of a verse, and the attitude of 3OH!3 that charms or annoys, perhaps both at the same time. Look for this on the radio all summer long.


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  • "My first kiss went a little like this" hook and, yes, the kissing noises
  • Pure zip of the power pop verses
  • Ke$ha's smirk and leer style in her cameo


  • Part of me wants to find this terribly annoying


  • Written by Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte
  • Produced by Matt Squire
  • Released May 2010 by Photo Finish Records

Guide Review - 3OH!3 - "My First Kiss" featuring Ke$ha

3OH!3 drop much of their electropop and hip hop dabbling here in favor of a straightforward power pop punch courtesy producer Matt Squire. It sounds good on them. I challenge you to just try and not think about what your first kiss was like when you hear the kissing sounds and Ke$ha leering and teasing in her brief cameo. There is a slight touch of electro bleeps and a brief snippet of beatbox sounds to let us know this really is 3OH!3.

If you are looking for demonstrations of singing talent, this is not the pop record for you. However, if you want to hear artists that know how to lead the party with a smirk, you have come to the right place. It does seem like much of what drove the massive hit Don't Trust Me is still in place. We have the oral fixation with tongues, teeth, taste, and breath as well as those "Woh-Oh" and "Woo-ooo" style choruses. 3OH!3 and Ke$ha are probably the most gifted artists of the moment at riding a line between performing irresistibly catchy music and releasing tremendously annoying songs. At times it seems like one song can be both.

"My First Kiss" is likely to roll quickly up the charts for 3OH!3. You are unlikely to forget it from the first time you hear it. Matt Squire's production adds welcome polish, and Ke$ha ties it to her major hits that have been massive in pop radio airplay. Like it or not, the 3OH!3 boys are back, and it looks like they plan to stay awhile.

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