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Big Time Rush - "Windows Down"

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Big Time Rush -

Big Time Rush - "Windows Down"

Courtesy Columbia

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"Windows Down," the first single from Nickelodeon boy band Big Time Rush's third studio album, bears the unmistakable sonic fingerprints of producer Matt Squire. It is an appealing, more "grown up" power pop sound for the group. This is their best opportunity yet to catch the attention of pop radio programmers. The more muscular rock edged sound to the song distinguishes Big Time Rush from the wave of British boy bands hitting these shores.


  • Sugary rush of power pop bubblegum
  • A more adult sound for Big Time Rush
  • Appealing video


  • Heavily manufactured and saccharine


  • Written by Alexander James, Bei Maejor, Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon, Matt Squire, Matthew Musto and Mike Posner
  • Produced by Matt Squire
  • Released June 2012 by Columbia Records

Guide Review - Big Time Rush - "Windows Down"

Matt Squire is best known for production work on power pop hits by artists like 3OH!3, All Time Low, and Boys Like Girls. Here he adds a sweet surge to the sound of "Windows Down" that seems to fit perfectly with the band's name Big Time Rush. The group are heading out on a major summer tour, and "Windows Down" is an outstanding summer pop jam. Accompanied by a video that features the group having loads of fun on and around the beach, this just may be the song that breaks Big Time Rush out of the kids pop box.

Big Time Rush were put together as a boy band to star in the Nickelodeon TV series of the same name. The intent was to create a contemporary Monkees. The group's show debuted in 2009 and has been a ratings success. The group's first album and single were both certified gold. However, pop radio has largely ignored Big Time Rush. The second album Elevate was not as commercially successful, but Nickelodeon and Columbia Records seem to be pulling out all the stops leading up to the third studio collection.

The music of Big Time Rush does still sound highly manufactured and vocals from the group are lacking in distinctiveness. However, "Windows Down" is built on such an engaging bedrock of guitar fueled, sugary bubblegum that it's very difficult to not like the song. There are brief breakdowns guaranteed to make tween girls swoon, before it all heads back into singalong choruses. "Windows Down" even contains an electronic interlude that sounds like it was ripped from 3OH!3's Streets Of Gold along with the shouts of "Woo Hoo!" It may be a guilty pleasure, but "Windows Down" is one of the pop pleasures of summer 2012.

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