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Bruno Mars - "Treasure"

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Bruno Mars -

Bruno Mars - "Treasure"

Courtesy Atlantic

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2013 could well be remembered as the year disco became not only cool but contemporary again. If that is true then Bruno Mars is one of the artists along with Daft Punk leading the charge. "Treasure" is sprightly midtempo disco soul. Bruno Mars and his songwriting and production partners the Smeezingtons sound relaxed, laidback, and happy on this pleasing song for summer 2013.


  • Authentic soul disco
  • Sexy but clean lyrics
  • Bruno Mars' engaging, upbeat vocals


  • Very light and fluffy


  • Written by Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, and Phredley Brown
  • Produced by the Smeezingtons
  • Released May 2013 by Atlantic

Guide Review - Bruno Mars - "Treasure"

Bruno Mars dove into early 70s piano pop with his last single "When I Was Your Man." Now he has moved forward to the late 70s and early 80s for the heavily disco influenced "Treasure." Sounding a bit like Michael Jackson fronting Shalamar, Bruno Mars has recorded a sparkling radio gem that will bring back warm, pleasing memories for older pop fans while introducing his younger fans to the laidback party fun of disco soul.

The words of "Treasure" give a sexy wink and a nod while remaining as clean as most major pop hits from the era being referenced. The instrumentation here is fueled by funky soul guitar and bass with brief keyboard flourishes to add spice. Bruno Mars croons, "You are my treasure," and you can feel the smile coming through the grooves. When he turns to the musical past the sound is one of genuine, affectionate authenticity.

Bruno Mars has emerged as one of today's most successful pop stars. As lead artist he has hit the pop top 10 six times, and three of those have gone all the way to #1 including his last two hit singles. "Treasure" looks guaranteed to be another top 10 smash. The song has a light, cheerful vibe that is perfect for summer listening. Slot this one next to "Get Lucky" and the summer 2013 disco party has begun.

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