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Christina Aguilera - "Your Body"

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Christina Aguilera -

Christina Aguilera - "Your Body"

Courtesy RCA

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Perhaps we should just forget Christina Aguilera's recorded output between the 2006 album Back To Basics and her collaboration with Maroon 5 on "Moves Like Jagger." Fortunately, "Your Body" does continue the recovery. She does sound back on track here with a showcase for her powerful voice that sounds good on pop radio. The new song is not a masterpiece, but it is the sound of a top pop artist righting the ship and moving forward. "Your Body" makes us eager to hear the upcoming album Lotus.


  • Confident, powerful vocals
  • Surefire melody from Max Martin
  • Slightly trashy feel of the music


  • No new musical ground broken


  • Written by Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Shellback, and Tiffany Amber
  • Produced by Max Martin and Shellback
  • Released September 2012 by RCA

Guide Review - Christina Aguilera - "Your Body"

Commercially speaking, Christina Aguilera's 2010 album Bionic was a disaster. It was followed by some very public missteps and personal life hardships. However, along came the TV music competition show The Voice and what looks like a powerful comeback began. For this first single from the upcoming album Lotus, Christina Aguilera wisely connected with one of the surest pop hands in the business, Swedish songwriter and producer Max Martin. The result is a midtempo club ready pop confection that is a confident vehicle for her powerful pipes.

Lyrically, "Your Body" is sexy without being uncomfortably explicit. However, there is a slight trashy edge that keeps the song from sounding bland. For the chorus, Christina Aguilera unleashes her voice on the catchy, "All I wanna do is love your body!" It is surrounded by a thumping beat and banks of synthesized chords. If there is a down side to the vocals, it is the fact that Christina Aguilera never seems to completely cut loose here. There is a sense of restraint to the whole song even if she sings about being a "freak."

"Your Body" does not break any major new musical ground, but it does do what Christina Aguilera needs the song to do. It has been instantly embraced by pop radio and sales are strong. Deserving special mention is the Melina Matsoukas directed music video accompanying "Your Body." It depicts Christina Aguilera as a man killer in a fashion that matches the erotic and slightly trashy sound of the song perfectly. Welcome back Christina!

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