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Daft Punk - "Get Lucky" featuring Pharrell Williams

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Daft Punk -

Daft Punk - "Get Lucky"

Courtesy Columbia

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The new collaboration by French electronic music masters Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams on vocals and the inimitable sound of Nile Rodgers' guitar brilliantly encapsulates where today's dance music began and where it is today in just over four minutes. The production is immaculate and instantly raises the bar for the entire dance pop enterprise. All of us just got lucky with this brilliant Daft Punk single.


  • Stunning recapitulation of the essence of electronic dance music
  • Nile Rodgers' trademark guitar
  • Silky smooth vocals from Pharrell Williams


  • This is perfection in a 4 minute recording


  • Written by Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Pharrell Williams, and Nile Rodgers
  • Produced by Daft Punk
  • Released April 2013 by Columbia

Guide Review - Daft Punk - "Get Lucky" featuring Pharrell Williams

Like an instant disco time warp, "Get Lucky" kicks off immediately with the sound of Nile Rodgers' guitar. He was one of the key masterminds behind Chic's disco landmark "Le Freak" as well as the producer of Madonna's landmark "Like a Virgin" and David Bowie's #1 pop smash "Let's Dance." Instead of sounding like a ghost rising from the past, the sound is immediately warm and inviting. Pharrell Williams' smoothly soulful vocals pour themselves over the groove beckoning us all out to the dance floor, and that is only the beginning.

The sparkling heart of "Get Lucky" occurs as the mix breaks down into a handclapping bridge that segues into a showstopping mix of Daft Punk's trademark robot voices with Nile Rodgers' guitar. Dance music at its best has always played homage to the past while pointing to an uncharted future. Daft Punk gets it right here, and the sound is so effortless, at first you may not release just how impressive this recording is.

There is not a beat wasted on "Get Lucky." Lyrically, the song carries the phrase "get lucky" beyond sexual connotation to the simple wish of anyone dancing the night away in a club...getting lucky in life. Despite recording three legendary dance tracks, "All Around the World," "One More Time," and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," Daft Punk have not yet released a major pop hit in the US. That ends here. "Get Lucky" aims to be the pop hit of summer 2013.

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