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Destiny's Child - "Nuclear"

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Destiny's Child - Love Songs

Destiny's Child - Love Songs

Courtesy Columbia

The Bottom Line


Despite claims that it is a new recording, "Nuclear" does sound a bit like it is a leftover from the glory days of Destiny's Child. However, it does remind us how glorious those days were. "Nuclear" has a strong, resonant set of lyrics and those beautiful voices. That is enough to welcome it as mid-winter treat.


  • Strong love song lyrics
  • Blend of the voices


  • Run of the mill production


  • Written by Pharrell Williams, Michelle Williams, James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal
  • Produced by Pharrell
  • Released January 2013 by Columbia

Guide Review - Destiny's Child - "Nuclear"

The new recording "Nuclear" is the primary drawing card for the second Destiny's Child compilation released in the space of a year. It has been almost ten years since the group sent their separate ways, and this is a reminder of what we have been missing. The glittering, glossy "Nuclear" slides along at midtempo proving to be a pleasing drop of ear candy.

Lyrically, "Nuclear" is a strong love song. It uses the nuclear metaphor to describe the bonding that occurs when two of a couple finally do become one. Delivered by the three voices that still match beautifully the words are resonant. However, the understated production takes so much of a back seat that it undercuts the song and ultimately feels a bit ordinary. The voices are enough to carry "Nuclear," but I do miss the drama of the greatest moments accomplished by Destiny's Child in the past.

The release of the album Love Songs and the new song "Nuclear" is clearly part of the publicity machine leading up to Beyonce's Super Bowl performance and rumored on stage reunion with her former bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. The question dangling out in the air is whether this is the first of a real reunion of Destiny's Child. Will there be an album in the works? If the sound of the performances on "Nuclear" is any indication, the magic is still there.

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