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Dev and Enrique Iglesias - "Naked"

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Dev and Enrique Iglesias -

Dev and Enrique Iglesias - "Naked"

Courtesy Universal Republic

The Bottom Line

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This is an unexpected little pop gem to close out the year 2011. With the provocative title "Naked" and two of pop music's most sexually alluring performers, we would expect something hot and sweaty, down and dirty. Instead "Naked" is a sweet pop song about a star-crossed love immaculately produced for the dance floor by the Cataracs. It will be a long wait for the eagerly anticipated Dev album The Night the Sun Came Up due now in March 2012.


  • Sweet twist in the lyrics
  • Dev's voice
  • The Cataracs solid production


  • No major negatives here


  • Written by Devin Tailes, Niles Hollowell-Dhar, and David Singer-Vine
  • Produced by the Cataracs
  • Released December 2011 by Universal Republic

Guide Review - Dev and Enrique Iglesias - "Naked"

Dev is slowly proving she is not merely a faceless voice for dance club tracks. Here, with her collaborators the production duo the Cataracs, she has fashioned a sweet, memorable, romantic pop tune that also works perfectly for the party or club. For extra insurance with radio programmers Enrique Iglesias is along for the ride. Fortunately his vocals here are not buried in auto tune or the mix. The pair generate pleasing romantic heat.

In this song "Naked" is a feeling not a physical reality. That is a nice twist that just might provoke a few smiles from listeners. The Cataracs vary the backing beats enough that "Naked" will work quite well on pop radio. Dev's brief a capella break will sound perfect in the club.

Dev's debut album The Night the Sun Came Up is now not due in stores until March 27, 2012. Part of this is due to the fact she is the mother of a new baby born earlier this month. The delay gives her time to recover and prepare for in person promotion of the album. Meanwhile, fans will be eager for more Dev, and she just may have her first top 10 hit single on the Billboard Hot 100 by the time March rolls around.

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