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Dev - "In the Dark"

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Dev -

Dev - "In the Dark"

Courtesy Universal Republic

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There is something unmistakably magnetic about Devin Tailes', aka Dev's, voice. She was clearly an indispensable part of the hook for the #1 smash hit "Like a G6." Her new single "In the Dark" wisely kicks off with direct focus on a half-sung half-spoken vocal segment that instantly grabs your attention. It is followed by a "Mr. Saxobeat" style saxophone riff, and we are off to enjoy an outstanding dance pop hit...and, make no mistake, this record is sexy.


  • Sexy lyrics
  • Dev's distinctive vocals
  • Catchy saxophone solo


  • It sounds locked in the current time and not timeless


  • Written by Devin Star Tailes, David Singer-Vine, and Niles Hollowell-Dhar
  • Produced by the Cataracs
  • Released April 2011 by Universal Republic

Guide Review - Dev - "In the Dark"

"I got a sex drive to push the start." Dev's single "In the Dark" is nearly pure libido, and it works quite well without need for explicit lyrics. As fits the words of, "On my waist and through my hair, think about it when you touch me there," the accompanying music video for "In the Dark" will likely leave you never looking at hands exactly the same. The song celebrates nighttime in the bedroom when it is the sensation of touch that fully takes over from sight.

"In the Dark" seems very much a song of the dance pop moment. Like the hit "Like a G6," it is quite possible in a few months "In the Dark" may sound a bit dated. It does not seem to capture something timeless. However, the song is a worthy addition to any party or dance playlist of the moment. The Cataracs and Dev do seem to have their fingers on the pulse of current party music.

In one way Dev does reach for something timeless in her cover art for "In the Dark." The multi-frame expansion of her hair echoes Grace Jones' "Slave To the Rhythm" artwork from back in 1985. It remains to be seen whether Dev has anything like the staying power of an icon like Grace Jones. However, there is a certain something in her voice in particular that rivets our attention. "In the Dark" has a slight edge of the avant garde, and this is a side of Dev we should see more often. Perhaps that is the key to moving her music in a more timeless direction.

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