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Enrique Iglesias - "I Like It" featuring Pitbull

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Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull -

Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull - "I Like It"

Courtesy Universal

The Bottom Line

There is little subtlety in the hit single that has brought Enrique Iglesias back to the pop top 10 in the US for the first time in nearly ten years. "I Like It" features a retro disco-ish production from RedOne, guest raps from Latin star Pitbull, brief excerpts from Lionel Richie's party anthem "All Night Long," and a shout along chorus of "Baby, I like it!" The overall effect is hit single as churned out by committee. Still, despite the assembly line mentality, "I Like It" retains a certain pop charm.

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  • Enrique's charming pop falsetto
  • Lionel Richie "All Night Long" sample
  • Singalong chorus


  • Assembly line approach to a pop hit single


  • Written by Enrique Iglesias, Nadir Khayat, Armando Pérez, and Lionel Richie
  • Produced by RedOne
  • Released May 2010 by Universal Republic

Guide Review - Enrique Iglesias - "I Like It" featuring Pitbull

Everything here seems obvious. RedOne contributes a glistening arena disco sound. Liberal use of auto tune hides any defects in Enrique Iglesias' voice. Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" is an obvious sample choice for party music aimed at an international audience, and the chorus seems lifted from a list of popular English phrases to indicate pleasure in something. So wouldn't it also be obvious that "I Like It" should be a simple song to skip and move on to the next more artistically viable exercise?

Despite the cookie cutter approach here, there is something about "I Like It" that may make you return and eventually conclude, "Yes, I understand the song's appeal." My suggestion is the secret weapon of the song is Enrique Iglesias' genuine appeal as a vocalist. Even if it sounds like everyone else involved is contributing to earn their next paycheck, there is an earnestness in the vocals that makes it sound like he is indeed having fun. The song's most appealing elements are found following the Pitbull interlude when Enrique Iglesias bursts into a beautiful falsetto.

This song was performing adequately but not spectacularly on pop singles charts until the inclusion of "I Like It" in the season opening of MTV's reality hit series Jersey Shore hooked a mass audience. The immediate result was a fast track into the pop top 10. RedOne proves here he doesn't need Lady Gaga to sell a party song, and Enrique Iglesias proves at age 35 there is still a lot of life left in him as an international pop star.

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