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Jay Sean - "2012 (It Ain't the End)" featuring Nicki Minaj

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Jay Sean -

Jay Sean - "2012 (It Ain't the End)"

Courtesy Cash Money

The Bottom Line

Let the party begin! Just a year after Jay Sean stormed the US pop charts with his first hit, the #1 smash "Down," he is back with the first single from the next album Freeze Time. Red hot female rapper Nicki Minaj is here in the guest role, and she simply adds to the overall joyous, expansive party feel of this record. Jay Sean is set to take us all through the end of summer 2010 in soaring fashion.


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  • The powerful vocal kickoff
  • Expansive world party atmosphere
  • Nicki Minaj on guest raps


  • Revisits closely the territory of "Down"


  • Written by Kamaljit Jhooti, Onika Maraj, J Remy, Bobby Bass, and Jared Cotter
  • Produced by J. Remy and Bobby Bass
  • Released August 2010 by Cash Money

Guide Review - Jay Sean - "2012 (It Ain't the End)" featuring Nicki Minaj

If you have a great formula, why mess with it? Jay Sean roared to the top of the US pop charts with his breakthrough single "Down" on the crest of a wave of feel-good danceable R&B. Now, with "2012 (It Ain't the End)," the first single from the upcoming album Freeze Time, he revisits that same spirit and is likely to have another major hit on his hands. This time the feel is even a bit more expansive and loose. The result is a great contemporary party record.

Red hot Nicki Minaj takes the featured raps here. The incarcerated Lil' Wayne was the guest for "Down," and Nicki Minaj drops a line encouraging freedom for him. Her spirited, quick-footed flow is a perfect match for Jay Sean's smooth glide in vocals.

Jay Sean has become the pop oriented anchor for the Cash Money label. Along with Drake and Lil Wayne, the once small rap label that emerged out of Louisiana has become a music industry powerhouse. Jay Sean was a successful solo artist at home in the UK merging R&B and Bhangra. However, it is his association with Cash Money in the US that has turned his brand of R&B pop into worldwide smash hits. "2012 (It Ain't the End)" feels like a wise move for Jay Sean capitalizing on the party success of his two prior hits "Down" and "Do You Remember" while moving into an even more expansive sound. Look for this song in the pop top 10 very very soon.

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