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Jonas Brothers - "First Time"

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Jonas Brothers -

Jonas Brothers - "First Time"

Courtesy Jonas Enterprises

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The Jonas Brothers shift gears from the boisterous "Pom Poms" to a much more slick, refined midtempo club track. "First Time" has a gorgeous sonic texture, but it feels a bit too simple and ultimately unfinished. There is not a lot of song here.


  • Beautiful melody
  • Lush production


  • Feels simplistic and unfinished


  • Written by Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Paul Phamous
  • Produced by Nick Jonas
  • Released June 2013 by Jonas Enterprises

Guide Review - Jonas Brothers - "First Time"

From the kickoff "First Time" sounds thoroughly current and like it could easily slot into today's mainstream pop radio playlists. Honey sweet vocals are layered over a midtempo dance beat and quickly segue into a smooth singalong chorus. The Jonas Brothers clearly are aiming for adult pop audiences. They are no longer relying on a teen fan base. The sound of "First Time" is sophisticated.

Unfortunately, by the time the song moves to the wide open space of the bridge, it feels like there is not much of a song here. The lyrics are built around repetition of the concept, "Make it feel like the first time" with little additional development. "First Time" could be quality raw material for a dance remix, but it does not inspire listeners to dig deeper upon hearing the song again. It is a pleasant, if a bit faceless, pop track.

The Jonas Brothers on their last two singles sound like they are searching for a niche as adult artists. They harness a bit of adult-oriented sexuality but are careful to not alienate earlier fans. Unfortunately, it all sounds a bit premeditated. The genius in earlier work by the brothers was a feeling of spontaneity and brashness even within the confines of the Disney pop machine. We are still waiting for new Jonas Brothers music that feels inspired.

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