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Kelly Clarkson - "Catch My Breath"

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Kelly Clarkson -

Kelly Clarkson - "Catch My Breath"

Courtesy RCA

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Kelly Clarkson celebrates a decade of pop stardom and the lessons she has learned along the way. This first single from her Greatest Hits collection is unmistakably a Kelly Clarkson record. An insistent propulsive beat leads into pure, resonant vocals that soon cut loose into a trademark uptempo power chorus. There is nothing particularly new here, but it is delivered with stellar professionalism.


  • Kelly Clarkson's stellar vocal delivery
  • Uplifting lyrics
  • Propulsive beat


  • Nothing we haven't heard from Kelly Clarkson before


  • Written by Kelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, and Eric Olson
  • Produced by Sound Kollectiv
  • Released October 2012 by RCA

Guide Review - Kelly Clarkson - "Catch My Breath"

It has been a decade since Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol. She remains the biggest pop star that the show has produced. For this lead single from her hit packed Greatest Hits collection she puts together an uplifting set of lyrics that are insistent she will let nothing hold her down as she heads into the future. Kelly Clarkson is an artist who will live out loud regardless of efforts by others to bring her down.

These words are set to a strong beat that toes the line between dance pop and power pop. The down side here is that it is nothing we haven't heard before. However, every single Kelly Clarkson releases is a lesson in stellar vocal delivery. She effortlessly moves from the quieter opening lines to the nearly shouted chorus while keeping it all free of any digital tuning effects. The result is a warmth few other uptempo pop artists can deliver on record.

"Catch My Breath" is a solid entry for summing up the appeal of Kelly Clarkson to mainstream pop fans. The song is easy to adopt when you are singing along to the car radio. The uplifting positive message in the words will also leave a smile on your face if you were previously feeling down. This song is another solid entry in Kelly Clarkson's powerful repertoire of pop hits.

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