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Ke$ha - "Take It Off"

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Ke$ha -

Ke$ha - "Take It Off"

Courtesy RCA

The Bottom Line

Is it possible there is a Ke$ha single with a bit of lyrical depth? "Take It Off" is not grand philosophy, but it does have a point to make. It is also gloriously catchy aimed directly at the party dance floor. For those who thought Ke$ha was a one trick pony, it's looking more and more like those opinions are unfounded. "Take It Off" consolidates the Ke$ha world view in another catchy pop hit.

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  • Celebratory mood of dropping inhibitions
  • Irresistibly catchy beat and chorus
  • Ke$ha's stance as an everyday person behaving in extraordinary ways


  • Annoyingly drenched in auto tune


  • Written by Kesha Sebert, Lukasz Gottwald, and Claude Kelly
  • Produced by Dr. Luke
  • Released July 2010 by RCA

Guide Review - Ke$ha - "Take It Off"

Ke$ha says that her inspiration for "Take It Off" was being turned on by seeing transvestite men taking their clothes off in a drag show. Jumping off from that one event the song manages to expand out into an anthem about free expression. "Take It Off" is a celebration of the power of the night, and a bit of alcohol, to help shed inhibitions of the daytime. Followers of Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour will be familiar with this point of view.

Musically, the heavy drench of auto tune goes a bit overboard here. However, the beat is incessant and, like all of Ke$ha's hits, irresistibly catchy. With the volume turned up and the chorus encouraging you to "take it off," you may just feel inspired to follow the commands. The ultimate effect by the end of the song is very cathartic as it hints strongly that there is more to "take off" than simply clothing.

Despite rather withering criticisms in some quarters, Ke$ha remains one of the most successful pop artists of the year. The likelihood is that "Take It Off" may become her fourth song of the year to inhabit the pop top 10. She can also add partial credit for 3OH!3's top 10 hit "My First Kiss." Ke$ha's attitude of casting aside inhibitions and partying like an everyday person clearly resonates beyond a core audience of "freaks" as mentioned in "Take It Off." There is a component of glitter and glam to Ke$ha's music, but she remains grounded in what might even be ordinary or somewhat ugly at times, and that is where the shock and uniqueness of her music lies.

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