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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Thrift Shop" featuring Wanz

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis -

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Thrift Shop"

Courtesy Macklemore

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It seems like ages since we've had a major hip hop crossover with a genuine sense of humor. In walks Seattle based rapper Macklemore with producer Ryan Lewis at his side. What might seem like an overnight sensation is really two hip hop veterans moving out of a local scene to national success. This pair could be major talents on the rise. For now, simply enjoy the celebration of dressing great on the cheap with an irresistible backing bounce.


  • Humor in the lyrics
  • Deep bass hook by singer Wanz
  • Irresistibly catchy backing track


  • No major drawbacks here


  • Written by Ben Haggerty
  • Produced by Ryan Lewis
  • Released August 2012 by Macklemore

Guide Review - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Thrift Shop" featuring Wanz

Rapper Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore, and his producer Ryan Lewis are a thoroughly contemporary music industry success. Fueled by local acclaim and tracks spread through YouTube and other social media, the pair engineered a #2 hit album The Heist followed by this song roaring up pop singles charts. In recent years the presence of hip hop on mainstream pop radio has faded significantly which makes "Thrift Shop" even more of a breath of fresh air. The ultra-catchy bounce of Ryan Lewis' production brings back memories of the organic feel of early 90s hip hop. The retro sound fits perfectly with the joys of wearing second hand clothes praised in the lyrics.

Those engaged by the song should make sure they do not miss the accompanying video. It takes the song to its obvious visual analog even featuring Macklemore himself in an adult-sized Batman onesie. The music video is a viral success having acquired nearly 50 million views via YouTube.

Produced and released independently, "Thrift Shop" deftly steps outside of the norm of major label pop and hip hop. Special mention should be made of the deep bass voice of self-described singer/songwriter/quasi-philosopher Wanz. His contribution is "f**king awesome." "Thrift Shop" is only an introduction to the talent of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. If this song catches your attention, dig deeper into the rise of two refreshing rising talents.

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