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Mariah Carey - "Almost Home"

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Mariah Carey -

Mariah Carey - "Almost Home"

Courtesy Disney

The Bottom Line


Long-term fans of Mariah Carey will be pleased when they hear "Almost Home." She is in strong voice here singing an uplifting anthem from the film OZ: The Great and Powerful. Co-written and co-produced by Stargate, "Almost Home" nestles well into the long tradition of Disney soundtrack songs. There is no new ground broken here, but this is a solid, enjoyable recording.


  • Solid, classic vocals
  • Engaging midtempo groove
  • Hits the high notes


  • No new ground broken


  • Written by Mariah Carey, Simone Porter, Justin Gray, Lindsey Ray, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Mikkel Eriksen
  • Produced by Mariah Carey and Stargate
  • Released February 2013 by Disney

Guide Review - Mariah Carey - "Almost Home"

Late last summer the release of the single "Triumphant (Get Em)" sent a chill through many Mariah Carey fans. For many listeners, it felt almost as if she had been reduced to a ghostly supporting player on her own record. With that memory in mind, "Almost Home" is a triumph. The song sounds comfortable and sounds very much like a Mariah Carey record with her in strong voice scaling the upper register in the latter part of the song. This is a Mariah Carey we all want to hear.

"Almost Home" glides along on an infectious midtempo groove. The builds into the choruses are exhilarating because Mariah Carey makes them sound effortless. She doesn't over sing which allows her voice to sound reassuring which fits the emotion of the lyrics. For those who are fans of the upper register, it makes a powerful appearance in the bridge with an elegant arrangement of multiple parts sung by Mariah Carey. The record includes all of the elements that her fans love while also sounding contemporary.

Will "Almost Home" be a chart success for Mariah Carey? It stands a reasonable chance particularly since she has the primetime platform of being a judge on American Idol. However, there is no real new ground broken here, so luring in an audience beyond her fan base could be difficult. Much will depend on the success of the film itself when it makes its appearance. The most positive aspect of "Almost Home" is that it proves Mariah Carey is still in strong vocal form and knows how to put together a classic record that fits well with her past repertoire. On that level it is a triumphant success.

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