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Olly Murs - "Troublemaker" featuring Flo Rida

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Olly Murs -

Olly Murs - "Troublemaker" featuring Flo Rida

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"Troublemaker" is brimming with the easy charm and energy that has helped turn former X Factor contestant Olly Murs into a major pop star at home in the UK. Musically there is a similarity to Maroon 5, but "Troublemaker" swings with a lightness that is pure Olly Murs. This is a great choice for welcoming him to America.


  • Olly Murs' easy, relaxed singalong style
  • Upbeat soulful charm


  • Close similarity to other current pop music


  • Written by Olly Murs, Steve Robson, Claude Kelly, and Tramar Dillard
  • Produced by Steve Robson
  • Released January 2013 by Columbia Records

Guide Review - Olly Murs - "Troublemaker" featuring Flo Rida

Back home in the UK "Troublemaker" is the fourth #1 pop hit for Olly Murs. Here in the US it is his second song to make headway on the pop charts. "Heart Skips a Beat" edged on to the charts last fall, but it looks like "Troublemaker" is the true breakthrough. A guest rap from Flo Rida was added to boost the commercial firepower, but it sounds like a mere afterthought. The song belongs to Olly Murs and as such it is a success.

It took three auditions for Olly Murs to make it to bootcamp on X Factor. However, once there he proved to be the consummate entertainer. He brandishes boy next door good looks, and he can both sing and dance. Olly Murs presents himself as the good guy among pop musicians who can appeal to any member of the family. That formula has been a huge success in the UK and the squeaky clean blue-eyed soul of "Troublemaker" is an honest introduction to Olly Murs the artist. It is all a bit fluffy, but you are likely to find yourself singing along.

Although "Troublemaker" sounds most like Maroon 5 among other current major pop artists, it is the approach of Bruno Mars that Olly Murs most resembles. Both artists refuse to be bound by genre restrictions. Olly Murs prefers to identify as simply a pop musician instead of being pigeonholed into a specific camp. This approach is reminiscent of iconic long reigning pop figures like Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Elton John. Listen to "Troublemaker," it could be the beginning of a long, profitable career in the pop mainstream.

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