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One Direction - "One Thing"

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One Direction -

One Direction - "One Thing"

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"One Thing" is the triumphant second single from boy band One Direction that emphatically announces they are here to stay for awhile and have no intent of relinquishing the spotlight any time soon. The catchiness of the song is reminiscent of the glory days of such groups as Backstreet Boys while maintaining a contemporary feel to the music. "One Thing" should appeal to both adolescent and adult pop fans. One Direction have momentum on their side.


  • Shared lead vocals
  • Catchy, celebratory chorus
  • Organic sounding arrangement


  • Lack of a unique feel in a strong similarity to past boy band music


  • Written by Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, and Savan Kotecha
  • Produced by Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk
  • Released May 2012 by Columbia Records

Guide Review - One Direction - "One Thing"

There have been many theories advanced of why UK based boy bands are now making their way into the US pop charts with a success level never seen by boy bands from across the ocean. However, arguably the strongest reason for the success of One Direction is simply that they perform well crafted pop music. "One Thing" has a pleasing verse build up that erupts into a gleeful singalong chorus. The blending harmonies are one of the key musical reasons for the success of boy bands, and One Direction harmonize in a very pleasing fashion.

Like its predecessor "What Makes You Beautiful," the arrangement of "One Thing" utilizes an approach that spreads the spotlight among multiple members of the band. This helps reduce potential for vocal lines sounding too repetitive in the song. It also makes One Direction sound like a true group instead of a vehicle for one singer taking the spotlight. Another key element of the song's arrangement is a guitar lick that gives a pleasing organic feel to the track.

One Direction's commercial success in the US is solid. Their concert tour sold out most dates within hours. The group's debut album Up All Night has been in the top 10 on the US album chart since its release in March. Look for "One Thing" to keep up the momentum and keep One Direction in the spotlight as one of the top breakout pop acts in the US for 2012.

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