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Pink - "F**kin' Perfect"

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Pink -

Pink - "F**kin' Perfect"

Courtesy La Face

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This second single from Pink's collection Greatest Hits...So Far!!! brilliantly distills all the elements that make her such a valuable and consistent pop star. The song is filled with heartfelt lyrics meant to uplift the listener. In addition, it has just enough edginess to move Pink away from bland middle of the road territory. Finally, the melody and arrangement make the song instantly memorable and familiar. Put another feather in the caps of Pink and the production team Max Martin and Shellback.


  • Serious but uplifting lyrics
  • Riveting video
  • Pink in a groove


  • The sound is very familiar now


  • Written by Pink, Max Martin and Shellback
  • Produced by Max Martin and Shellback
  • Released December 2010 by La Face

Guide Review - Pink - "F**kin' Perfect"

A first glance at the credits and you might think that Pink is jumping on a few bandwagons here. With his recent smash hits working with Katy Perry and Britney Spears, it does look like Max Martin is the route to a mainstream manufactured sound. In addition the title of the song sounds like an effort to jump on the recent success of a different song by Cee Lo Green. However, with the first listen to "F**kin' Perfect," this song is more distinctly Pink than it is anything else.

Now that she has made it back to consistent pop hitmaker status and is reunited with her husband Carey Hart, it seems that Pink is determined to uplift the lives of her fans. The lyrics of "F**kin' Perfect" insist that we all remember, even in the bad times, we are perfect. The music video which accompanies the song takes those sentiments even further in an exploration of cutting and suicide. The clip is in your face, and it may be disturbing to some in its bloody content. However Pink has indicated that the entire point is to shake up viewers in order to force them to see a problem that needs to be addressed.

If there is any word that is most appropriate in describing Pink as a recording artist in recent years it is "consistent." This is her sixth top 30 pop hit in the last three years. Her slightly raspy voice that sings beautifully and then adds in vocal asides is one of the most familiar on contemporary pop radio. "F**kin' Perfect" even includes an extended sort of rap section. Everything here works and works well. If it is manufactured, it clearly comes out of the Pink factory and nowhere else. That is a great sound for today.

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