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Pitbull - "Back In Time"

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Pitbull -

Pitbull - "Back In Time"

Courtesy RCA

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Actor and musician Will Smith had a massive hit with the song "Men In Black" from the movie of the same name back in 1997. He attempted to follow up with another single from the movie's sequel, but success was muted. This time around as we gear up for the movie Men In Black 3, Pitbull has enlisted to do a clever time warp song "Back In Time" which gives contemporary party energy to the soundtrack. Melding a Mickey and Sylvia sample from the 50s with Pitbull's trademark attitude is a formula for success.


  • Guitar and vocal samples from "Love Is Strange"
  • Uptempo bounce in the beat
  • Pitbull's engaging personality


  • Lacking in complexity and depth


  • Written by Armando C. Perez, Marc Kinchen, Adrian Trejo, Urales Vargas, Sylvia Robinson, and Ellas McDaniel
  • Produced by Marc Kinchen, DJ Big Syphe, and DJ Buddha
  • Released April 2012 by RCA

Guide Review - Pitbull - "Back In Time"

Two key elements from the 1956 hit single "Love Is Strange" by Mickey and Sylvia enliven "Back In Time." They are the retro vibe of a brief guitar solo and Sylvia Robinson's crooning "Ooohh baby..." It is enough to make "Back In Time" a slick and engaging combination of the past and contemporary dance floor magic. Pitbull brings us a sound that truly does stand out from the current songs on the radio.

Producer Marc Kinchen, a long-term associate of Will Smith and more recent frequent collaborator with Pitbull, deserves significant credit for the ultra-catchy party sound here. "Back In Time" even manages to take us into something that sounds more like the future toward the end of the song as the beat is broken down with a bit of dubstep influence. Lyrically, Pitbull sounds mostly like he is simply free associating around the idea, "To understand the future we have to go back in time." That is likely the tie-in for the song to the plot of the movie. There is not a lot of depth here, but what we have is a lot of fun.

Pitbull provided us with the party hit of last summer in "Give Me Everything." He is making his bid for a repeat here. "Back In Time" is destined for hit status, but it feels just a bit slight to have the massive success of "Give Me Everything." However, it is a surefire addition to your party soundtrack for the summer of 2012.

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