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Rihanna - "Only Girl (In the World)"

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Rihanna -

Rihanna - "Only Girl (In the World)"

Courtesy Def Jam

The Bottom Line

Rihanna took a musical detour with her most recent album Rated R and successfully explored recent personal tragedy with a cool, analytical eye. Now she is back on more familiar ground for her fans with the first single from the upcoming collection Loud. Stargate help whip up a club confection topped off by one of the biggest pop choruses of the year.

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  • Towering chorus
  • Club ready dance beats
  • Return to dance pop familiarity for Rihanna


  • No serious depth, but not a serious problem


  • Written by Cristyle
  • Produced by Stargate
  • Released September by Def Jam

Guide Review - Rihanna - "Only Girl (In the World)"

It doesn't take long. Just 45 seconds in, with flashing synth chords in the background, Rihanna demands, "Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world!" It is an arresting moment. Dance floor Rihanna is back, and "Only Girl (In the World)" is likely a pop radio staple throughout the fall of 2010.

Following the first grand chorus, the throbbing bass beat kicks in making "Only Girl (In the World)" even more infectious. The bridge takes the song into the realm of carnal pleasures, before all erupts in one more grand chorus for the close. It would be no surprise if this song takes Rihanna back to #1 for her second chart topper of the year after "Rude Boy."

Rihanna does not possess the most technically impressive voice of female pop singers. However, it is one of the most distinctive in the music industry. Early on it might have been easy to dismiss much of her success as being tied to the producers and songwriters who helped put together her pop confections. However, now with 15 top 10 singles under her belt and a 16th assuredly on her way, it is time to give Rihanna credit for being an arresting performer who has proven herself on material ranging from club stomper to ballad and icy stoicism to warm, enveloping romance. "Only Girl (In the World)" is another stellar moment in a phenomenal pop career.

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