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Taylor Swift - "Mine"

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Taylor Swift -

Taylor Swift - "Mine"

Courtesy Big Machine Records

The Bottom Line

Note to Taylor Swift - Same sounding jangly pop songs with a hint of country twang may be a key to years of hits on country radio, but pop fans will get bored no matter how interesting the lyrics. "Mine" sports another set of strong, even more mature, lyrics marking Taylor Swift as one of the most talented lyricists in pop music. However, the sound of "Mine" seems like a complete retread of previous hits like "Love Story." Fans will hang in there and many will be pleased, but we are all eagerly awaiting a hint of something new when the album Speak Now hits stores in October.


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  • Potent lyrics
  • Easy to listen to melody


  • Sounds too similar to other Taylor Swift songs
  • Lackluster instrumental arrangement


  • Written by Taylor Swift
  • Produced by Taylor Swift and Nathan Chapman
  • Released August 2010 by Big Machine Records

Guide Review - Taylor Swift - "Mine"

As a pop and country lyricist Taylor Swift is a master of the small detail in the words making the song feel like it is about a real life. The "drawer full of things at your place," and being followed into the street at 2:30 a.m. are elements of "Mine" that make it feel like it is an honest portrayal of the unfolding of a halting romance. However, when it comes to the music, this element of intricacy and intimacy is missing. Strummed guitars surrounding the earnestly sung lyrics of the verse lead into a slightly more rocking chorus. We also have the trademark Taylor Swift pause as well. However, by now with two multi-platinum albums of songs flooding the radio airwaves, this all sounds rather pat and familiar.

Taylor Swift proves through live performances that she has interests that range into other pop, rock, and even R&B areas. However, the introduction to her third studio album Speak Now gives no real surprises. Perhaps the idea thus far is it is a successful formula to not be tinkered with. That predictability is likely to lead to monster initial sales for the album, but it may spell difficulty for long-term staying power.

"Mine" has rolled to the top of digital sales charts in just a matter of hours, and pop radio is showing strong interest. The song gets an extra 1/2 star purely for the strength of the lyrics. However, we expect more from this year's winner of Album of the Year and the bestselling artist of 2009.

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