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Tegan and Sara - "Closer"

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Tegan and Sara -

Tegan and Sara - "Closer"

Courtesy Warner Bros.

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With the most overtly mainstream pop single of their career, Canadian identical twin sister act Tegan and Sara have their biggest hit yet in both the US and Canada. It is a true cause for celebration. The song is deliriously happy and celebratory. Production work from Greg Kurstin gives the mix brightness and flash that helps the chorus stick in your head the very first time you hear "Closer."


  • Joyful, intelligent lyrics
  • Pumped up Greg Kurstin production
  • Soaring vocals


  • No mistakes here


  • Written by Tegan Quin, Sara Quin, and Greg Kurstin
  • Produced by Greg Kurstin
  • Released September 2012 by Sire Records

Guide Review - Tegan and Sara - "Closer"

Those who think straightforward pop love songs can't sound both emotional and intelligent haven't heard songs like "Closer." The words are simple, but like much of the work of Tegan and Sara, the emotion in the lyrics quickly get under your skin and you want to sing along. The simple line, "All I want to get is a little bit closer" sums up the spirit of the song perfectly.

The production here is by Greg Kurstin who helped Kelly Clarkson head to the top of the charts with "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)." He pumps up the mix with huge synth chords, electronic bleeps, and massive drum machine beats. The delirious hands in the air anthemic middle section segues into a beautiful bridge before we are back to sing along territory. And who wouldn't smile to the words, "I won't treat you like you're typical."

The sound of "Closer" makes it comfortable in a range of genres. It has had significant chart success across alternative, rock, and dance music. At its heart, though, "Closer" remains a simple pop love song. Tegan and Sara have put together a perfect little masterpiece here that would be fully deserving of becoming a major mainstream pop hit.

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