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The Ready Set - "Love Like Woe"

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The Ready Set -

The Ready Set - "Love Like Woe"

Courtesy Sire Records

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Somewhere between the amped up electro-soul of Jason Derulo's massive "Whatcha Say" and the sugary punk pop of We the Kings you are likely to find "Love Like Woe," the breakthrough single from The Ready Set, aka solo artist Jordan Witzigreuter. The combination at times is just as uncomfortable as it sounds, but it is also intriguing. Ultimately the chorus and melody are likely to sink in. 20 year old Witzigreuter is an amiable new talent and one worth watching.


  • Singalong pop melody
  • Clever lyrical hook
  • Simple, appealing pop melody


  • Overworked electronic effects


  • Written by Jordan Witzigreuter
  • Produced by J.R. Rotem
  • Released March 2010 by Decaydance

Guide Review - The Ready Set - "Love Like Woe"

You hear that tinkling piano, but soon it gives way to electronically distorted vocals, and you are certain you've stumbled upon the next Jason Derulo release, but then there is a sweet pop voice and you know you've wandered into different territory. J.R. Rotem, the producer behind Jason Derulo's huge hit "Whatcha Say," was one of the hot studio wizards brought in by Pete Wentz' Decaydance label to bring Jordan Witzigreuter's pop songs to the masses. This means "Love Like Woe" is radio friendly, but throughout the record the stripped down sing-speak style of the Ready Set (Jordan's more pronounceable stage name) is a bit of an uncomfortable mix with the heavy electronic effects common to J.R. Rotem's hit work.

The appeal of the Ready Set to his label boss is obvious here, particularly in the sweet, unadorned breakdowns that focus on his intimately engaging youthful voice. "Love Like Woe" closes in singalong fashion, and he is likely to draw you in. Peeling back the layers of production you will find a pulsing, beating pop heart here.

It's difficult to tell if The Ready Set is likely to break out into major pop success, or if he will have to settle for mid-level appeal to a set of devoted teen fans like S-Curve's We the Kings. There is a bit of facelessness here that may leave you feeling much more familiar with the song than with the artist. Breaking it all down there is a simple, appealing pop song here with a clever lyric line. It is a bit over-dressed, but you are unlikely to switch the radio station when you hear "Love Like Woe."

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