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The Wanted - "Glad You Came"

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The Wanted -

The Wanted - "Glad You Came"

Courtesy Mercury Records

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Pop groups in general, and boy bands in particular, are out of favor with mainstream pop audiences in the US. However, in the UK it is a different story. JLS, One Direction, The Wanted, and the reunited Take That are all riding high in the British pop charts. In 2012 a serious effort will be made to rekindle the love of boy bands in the US and The Wanted are leading the charge with a charming dance-pop single.


  • Genial vocals
  • Pop-dance beat
  • Catchy synth hook


  • Frothy lyrics
  • Little memorable weight to the song


  • Written by Steve Mac, Wayne Hector, and Ed Drewett
  • Produced by Steve Mac
  • Released January 2012 by Mercury Records

Guide Review - The Wanted - "Glad You Came"

"Glad You Came" was the second #1 and fourth top 5 pop hit single for The Wanted at home in the UK. The group will make a strong effort to have it be their first major hit in the US. "All Time Low," the first single from The Wanted, made an appearance in the top 20 of the US dance chart back in 2010, but the group has had no significant chart success in the US since. With a recent appearance on Ellen and movement into the top 40 of pop radio airplay, The Wanted have a good shot.

"Glad You Came" is pure dance-pop. Produced by Steve Mac, who was also responsible for "All Time Low," the song leads in with a slow solo from Max George, but it is only seconds before the dance beats kick in.

"Glad You Came" rotates the solo vocal parts among the group members in a very democratic song process. However, it is the keyboard hook that nearly steals the show from the group. The accompanying video shows The Wanted vacationing in dance music mecca Ibiza. It is light, frothy, and filled with token women, but boy bands have never made their success on artistic pretension. "Glad You Came" is a cheerful, uptempo tune that is easy to dance with, and it is little more than that.

It is possible there is a void in the US pop music marketplace that could be filled by an act like The Wanted. If so, it is the overall geniality obvious in their music that will carry the day. The Wanted are beginning a mini-tour of the US January 17, 2012 in Orlando, Florida to boost their standing on this side of the Atlantic. Fellow boy band One Direction will follow them across the Atlantic in late February. Is there a new era of boy bands about to launch? Listen to "Glad You Came" and keep your eyes open.

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