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Train - "50 Ways To Say Goodbye"

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Train -

Train - "50 Ways To Say Goodbye"

Courtesy Columbia

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There is often a fine line between genuinely humorous and insufferably cheesy. Train toes that line on their new single "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" and fortunately comes down on the humorous side. Slightly tacky mariachi horns mix with the self deprecating lyrics about failure in gracefully ending a relationship. While it could eventually sound annoying, "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" is likely to produce a smile as well as engage you with its catchiness.


  • Clever production
  • Humorous lyrics
  • Catchy, easy to listen to song


  • Not much of a stretch for Train
  • Could wear out its welcome after multiple times listening


  • Written by Patrick Monahan, Espen Lind, and Amund Bjørklund
  • Produced by Espionage and Butch Walker
  • Released June 2012 by Columbia Records

Guide Review - Train - "50 Ways To Say Goodbye"

Train is sounding like they may have finally found an ongoing solid niche in the adult pop world. Pat Monahan, the group's lead vocalist, portrays the hipster romantic who is just a bit overwhelmed by the concept of relationships in convincing fashion. This time mariachi horns are added to the uptempo pop-rock to echo the failed relationship in the lyrics. Listen a bit more closely and a parody of romantic backup vocals adds just the right touch to a song which is not quite novelty.

One of the most clever elements of "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" is the shift between the straightforward musical production when the words are serious for a moment, "I want to be the one you're dying to love," and the uptempo tackiness of the music when we hear the litany of potential lies. Train's major career resurgence with five top 10 adult pop hits since 2009 is not a fluke. It comes on the heels of dedication to a particular style of pop-rock aimed at the angst of 30-somethings.

"50 Ways To Say Goodbye" looks like another effortless hit for Train. It is already nearing the top 10 on the adult pop radio chart while climbing quickly in mainstream pop as well. The clever music video was put together by Marc Klasfeld, the director behind Katy Perry's brilliant "Last Friday Night" clip. "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" is a solid package for Train's adult pop fans.

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