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Train - "Drive By"

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Train -

Train - "Drive By"

Courtesy Sony

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"Drive By" is not an entirely new song for the band Train. They began performing it on tour in the summer of 2011. The sound of the song is a continuation of the huge hit single "Hey, Soul Sister." Norwegian production team Espionage once again collaborate with the band and the result is a pleasing adult pop single.


  • Pat Monahan's vocals
  • Singalong chorus
  • Simple, catchy arrangement


  • Lack of originality
  • Sometimes overly cute lyrics


  • Written by Amund Bjorklund, Espen Lind, and Pat Monahan
  • Produced by Espionage
  • Released January 2012 by Sony

Guide Review - Train - "Drive By"

Amund Bjorklund and Espen Lind of the Norwegian songwriting and production team Espionage first came to prominence in the US pop marketplace through their work on Beyonce's #1 smash hit "Irreplaceable" where they collaborated with fellow Norwegians Stargate. Two years ago they hooked up with the band Train and the result was the five million selling single "Hey, Soul Sister" which brought the band back to the top 10 on the pop singles chart for the first time in 10 years. Now Espionage have hooked up with the band again for the single "Drive By," the first release from an upcoming sixth studio album.

"Drive By" follows a very similar formula to "Hey, Soul Sister." A spare, mostly acoustic, arrangement on the verse leads into an upbeat singalong chorus. The lyrics include clever, almost too cute, wordplay such as, "Just a shy guy looking for a 2-ply / Hefty bag to hold my love." Train's singer Pat Monahan remains one of the top adult pop vocalists. His smooth delivery will appeal to the same wide range of pop and rock fans that have flocked to Train's biggest previous hits. This is not a groundbreaking single, but "Drive By" keeps the quality up to a level that should keep the band's momentum going.

Although Train have earned only two top 10 hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100, they have been one of the most successful adult pop bands since going to #2 with "Meet Virginia" back in 1999. "Drive By" looks to be the group's 11th adult pop top 10 hit. It will fitt adult pop radio playlists perfectly. Look for the band to return to the top 10 of the album chart for the first time since 2006 when their next full-length release hits stores.

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