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Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay

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Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris

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The Bottom Line

Atlanta and Houston are on the fade and the state of Louisiana is moving to the forefront of launching new rap acts into the mainstream. 18-year-old Hurricane Chris hails from Shreveport and the local Ratchet scene. His hit "A Bay Bay" originated as a chant for a local DJ celebrity. Now it is possibly the biggest surprise hit of summer 2007. Is it worth the hype? Yes...and no. Like much minimalist rap, it is rather monotonous and intended as much for dancing and partying as for listening. However, that hook is a huge one...just try and get it out of your head after listening.

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  • Undeniably catchy
  • Minimalist synthesizer hooks


  • Can you say monotonous?


  • Slow hip hop beat
  • Ever-changing brief synthesizer lines
  • Insist and catchy "A Bay Bay" vocal hook

Guide Review - Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay

Lil Jon took us all to Atlanta for the massive Crunk scene and set off a long string of hits by himself and many other artists that turned Atlanta into one of the hottest hip hop centers in the country. Now Hurricane Chris is hoping he's on the edge of something similar for Shreveport, or at least the state of Louisiana as a whole. The Ratchet sound, as "A Bay Bay's" style is called, is minimalist like Crunk, but the brief synthesizer hook lines that populate "A Bay Bay" are what make Ratchet unique.

Once you get past that big "A Bay Bay" vocal hook, the raps are nearly disposable. The chorus line is what will stick in your head. It originated as a chant by fans for local Shreveport celebrity DJ Hollyhood Bay Bay. The chanting can be seen in the beginning of the video. As a party record, this song is a good groove, but it's difficult to see it lasting as an all-time great.

Shreveport is behind their homegrown star...and the national pop spotlight is shining on the city of 200,000. Will Hurricane Chris be Shreveport's biggest musical export since Leadbelly? The weeks and months to come will tell.

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 5 out of 5
hey wats up, Member babaygurl16

Hurricane Chris u r awesome in your music especially ""Hand Clap"" . You area very talented person and need to keep your talent up

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