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Daniel Powter - Bad Day

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Daniel Powter - Bad Day
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The Bottom Line

Canadian Daniel Powter's first hit single is piano pop with a big hook. It's difficult to not like the song. The soothing notion that you simply "had a bad day" feels genuine. However, if you are looking for depth, this is not your song.

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  • Instantly memorable hook
  • Upfront piano


  • It's all a bit slight


  • Simple piano-based melody
  • Easily singable lyrics
  • Daniel Powter's pleasant, easy-going voice

Guide Review - Daniel Powter - Bad Day

Canadian Daniel Powter first came to the attention of the pop music world in Europe. His song "Bad Day" was chosen by Coca-Cola for a major European advertising campaign in early 2005. Subseuqently the song went to #1 in Germany and Italy and #2 in the UK. Powter was invited to take part in the Berlin Live 8 concert.

Although the advertising certainly helped, "Bad Day" would not have been such a phenomenal success if it wasn't so instantly appealing and memorable. Daniel Powter's big piano chords and easy to remember chorus guarantee that, given some exposure, this song will be lodged in your head. You only need hear the song once or twice to find yourself singing along.

Daniel Powter is now getting just the exposure he needs in the US with "Bad Day" serving as a frequent closing theme for American Idol's fifth season. The song plays while images of contestants flash by on the screen. It's exactly the kind of exposure that causes viewers to ask "what's that song," and, before you know it, "Bad Day" is in the pop top 40...and it's not a bad thing.

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