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Christina Aguilera - Candyman

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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

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The Bottom Line

Grab a partner and get ready to cut the rug! Christina Aguilera is back in dance mode, and this time it's swing. It all works with energy to spare. Some listeners may want to be alerted to the sexual content. It is Christina Aguilera, and she doesn't hold much back. Don't miss the accompanying video with Christina in full Andrews Sisters mode.

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  • 40's Swing Vibe
  • Christina Aguilera's vocal chops


  • Some might be turned off by the overt sexual content


  • 40's style horns and swing beats
  • Trademark throaty singing from Christina Aguilera
  • Spirit of fun and dance

Guide Review - Christina Aguilera - Candyman

It's big, bold and brassy just like Christina Aguilera herself. "Candyman" takes us back to 40's USO shows featuring the Andrews Sisters and a crowd ready to jitterbug. Primarily due to possessing some of the strongest vocal chops in the music business, Christina Aguilera pulls it all off with no hint of karaoke or parody.

The entire song amounts to a sexual double entendre. As stated elsewhere on the album Back to Basics, she is "still dirrty." The "Candyman" of the title is identified as "a one stop shop who makes my cherry pop!" Fortunately, the energy in the song is so focused on dancing and hooks that the sexual content comes off sounding more like a wink than a wallow.

We will be watching the pop radio response to "Candyman." Christina Aguilera's songs are so big in sound and approach that they sometimes are difficult to slot comfortably in with a contemporary pop playlist. Songs like "Hurt" are produced in showstopper mode leaving them difficult to program as radio music meant to be in the background. However, "Candyman" will impact the charts and Christina Aguilera continues to demonstrate she is one of the top female artists in the business.

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