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Cassie - Me & U

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Cassie - Me & U
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The Bottom Line

To be successful in this world of "dirty pop" what you need more than anything is a catchy tune. Cassie’s debut single “Me & U" is nothing if not instantly addictive. The vocals here will win no Grammys and the lyrical content, while enjoyable, is nothing to write home about, but luckily for Cassie that’s not what we pop junkies crave.

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  • Cassie sticks to the basics
  • Silky smooth melody


  • None of significance


  • Sexy
  • Smooth, unaffected vocals
  • Infectious chorus
  • Slightly dark undertone

Guide Review - Cassie - Me & U

From the opening bars, “Me & U” is simply compelling. The mid-tempo of the song, flanked by the harder synths which accompany the chorus, create a unique and surprisingly pleasing backdrop to Cassie’s smooth vocals. Cassie sticks to the basics in this song and it works well. There aren’t any affected runs or not-quite-there notes and the vocals are sincere and fitting which play perfectly with the slightly dark and seductive sound of the song – a silky smooth melody.

The theme here is nothing new, your basic hook up with a crush (and who wouldn’t have a crush on Cassie). In fact, Cassie started out in this industry as a model. Her recent rise to fame is truly something out of a story book. Imagine announcing to your class that instead of going to college, you were moving to New York City to start your life in the "real world." Then, imagine a by-chance meeting with uber-producer Ryan Leslie which led to a hit single and a management deal with the former head of Sony Records, Tommy Mottola. Add to that being signed to Bad Boy records in the matter of a few months, and you can imagine the whirlwind that has been Cassie’s rise to fame.

“Me & U” is a great debut record and has proven itself a summer favorite already. Cassie’s style is probably most comparable to a mix of Aaliyah and Amerie and if “Me & U” is any indication, we should all look forward to a great album from Cassie.

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