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Just the Girl - Click Five (Lava)

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Click Five
(Courtesy Lava Records)

The Bottom Line

These five graduates of Boston's acclaimed Berklee College Of Music bring back pleasant memories of another Boston-based power pop group, the Cars. A-list studio help has created a polished sound right out of the box.


  • Straightforward catchy power pop
  • The 60's Beatles-ish haircuts and matching suits bring back good musical memories
  • You're singing along by the second time through


  • It's all a bit manufactured


  • Crunchy guitar leads the way
  • A memorable pop chorus
  • Moptop haircuts and matching suits

Guide Review - Just the Girl - Click Five (Lava)


Click Five are a Boston-based group of five young musicians, graduates of Boston's esteemed Berklee College Of Music. They are aiming for the same audience, teenage girls, that made fellow Boston residents New Kids On the Block superstars, but their sound is more like Boston-based legends the Cars.

"Just the Girl" glides by on crunchy guitar and eminently singable lyrics. "Cause she's bittersweet, she knocks me off my feet" sinks in by the second time through. The bassline and 80's-ish keyboard backing gives more than a faint echo of the Cars, and it's a pleasant memory.

Beatles style moptop haircuts on at least 3 of the band members also bring back pleasant musical memories as do the matching suits. All the pieces seem set into place with a groundswell audience garnered on last year's concert tour with Ashlee Simpson, an A-list producer in Fountains Of Wayne producer Mike Deneen, songwriting from Kiss' Paul Stanley, and, indeed, a guest guitar gig from the Cars' Elliott Easton. The only question is whether it's all just a bit too manufactured. For now, enjoy the classic power pop and wait for the full-length album Greetings From Imrie House due in August.


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