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Beyonce feat. Slim Thug - Check On It (Sony Urban)

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Destiny's Child - #1's
Courtesy Sony Entertainment

The Bottom Line

It seems to be a bit of a cruel trick that "Stand Up For Love," the first single from Destiny's Child's farewell compilation album #1's failed to gain any traction at pop radio, but the second single from the album, a solo effort from Beyonce, is on its way toward the top 10. Beyonce's voice is always a delight to hear, but this is one of her lesser efforts. It is primarily a placeholder on radio until the next solo effort comes along.

Listen to "Check On It" - Windows Real

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  • Beyonce's pleasing voice


  • Pales next to some of Beyonce's previous peaks


  • Midtempo hip hop
  • Smooth, alluring vocals from Beyonce
  • Catchy and goes down easy

Guide Review - Beyonce feat. Slim Thug - Check On It (Sony Urban)

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams may be gnashing their teeth. "Stand Up For Love," the gorgeous first single from Destiny's Child's greatest hits album #1's, did a very rare thing. It failed to garner significant pop radio airplay. In its place, the second single, a solo effort by Beyonce featuring Houston rapper Slim Thug, has taken off on the charts like Beyonce's other efforts and past efforts by the group.

"Check On It" is not a weighty effort. It doesn't need to be. It's a good showcase for Beyonce's engaging vocals and adds up to more masterful sexual teasing from Ms. Knowles. Houston's Slim Thug turns in an adequate performance on MC duties.

Outside of the Destiny's Child album, "Check On It" will also be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming remake of The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin, Kevin Kline and Beyonce. It is slated for an early 2006 release. The next Beyonce album is not expected until September 2006.

"Check On It" will keep Beyonce on the airwaves for a few months, but most of us are eagerly awaiting another pop moment from her as exhilarating as "Crazy In Love." She sings on "Check On It," "I can be a tease, but I really wanna please you." We will hold her to the promise.

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