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Chris Brown - "Forever"

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Chris Brown - Forever

Chris Brown - Forever

Courtesy Jive Records

The Bottom Line


  • Irresistible club-style groove
  • Chris Brown's intimate vocals
  • Tasteful use of vocal effects


  • Maybe a few too many "forevers"?


  • Written by Polow da Don and Chris Brown
  • Produced by Polow da Don
  • Released April 2008 by Jive Records

Guide Review - Chris Brown - "Forever"

Perhaps this is the single Polow da Don was hoping to put together when he worked the knobs for Usher's return on "Love In This Club." Where Usher's voice got lost in an incessantly dull groove, Chris Brown's now familiar vocals simply glide and wind around bubbling and gurgling synths anchored by bass lines that sound like they're rolling around at the bottom of a placid sea. Countless listeners will swoon.

The underlying structure of "Forever" is clearly out of club land. The synths continually threaten to break into a full techno sunrise effect. Unlike Rihanna's decidedly retro "Don't Stop the Music," "Forever" brings the gorgeous essence of contemporary trance and techno to mainstream pop fans. This is arguably Polow da Don's most effective production to date.

On the pop charts, the only artist as hot currently as Chris Brown is Rihanna. Both vocalists prove to be eminently adaptable to aural environments created by some of the most talented production talents in the industry. "Forever" is one of Chris Brown's best yet. Look for this song near the top of the pop singles chart very soon.

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