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All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret

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Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects
Courtesy Interscope Records

The Bottom Line

It's a good thing to have the punk pop sound of the All-American Rejects break through to the pop top 40, but let's hope they stay there with something a little more memorable than the rather ordinary jangle pop of "Dirty Little Secret." Fortunately, the accompanying video, utilizing images from PostSecret, is well worth seeing.

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  • Straightforward, catchy pop-rock
  • Intriguing accompanying music video


  • Disposable pop


  • Jangly guitars and drums
  • Pop-friendly vocals
  • A relationship that is to be kept secret

Guide Review - All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret

A few years back, in 2002, All-American Rejects broke into the modern rock charts with their single "Swing, Swing." The then teenage band were hailed as one of the more clever and witty young rock groups around. Frontman Tyson Ritter became the subject of more than a few teen girl dreams. 3 years later the group returned with the album Move Along and broke into the top 10 on the album chart and are nearing the top 10 of the pop singles chart, but critics and a few fans are disappointed.

Why the disappointment? It is that this time around the group seems to be opting to stick with formula instead of pursuing their muse into more challenging territory. "Dirty Little Secret" is catchy and amiable, but it's little more than that. The title seems chosen for intrigue, but it promises much more than it delivers. The song is ultimately a rather ordinary treatise on carrying on a secret relationship.

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