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Drake - "Over"

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Drake -

Drake - "Over"

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It has been a big year for Canadian rapper and actor Aubrey Drake Graham, aka Drake. He has four top 20 pop singles to his credit with a full-length album not yet available. Now Drake is in a reflective mood with the single "Over" and owing a big musical debt to Kanye West. "Over" is an obvious grab for artistic credibility and for the most part it works.


  • Drake's aggressive self-reflection
  • Sweeping orchestral mix
  • Outstanding opening line


  • A little too close to imitation


  • Written by Aubrey Graham
  • Produced by Boi-1da and Al Khaaliq
  • Released March 2010 by Universal Republic

Guide Review - Drake - "Over"

You will be forgiven if you are a casual hip hop fan and mistake Drake's "Over" as a new single by Kanye West. From the sweeping orchestral mix to the aggressive focus on self in the lyrics, Kanye West's influence is clearly stamped on "Over." However, acknowledging the similarities does not take away from "Over" being an outstanding record.

The opening line, "I know way too many people here right now That I didn’t know last year, who the f**k are y’all?" is certainly the most memorable in a pop song in recent months. Drake is reflecting over the whirlwind of the past year, and it's clear he likes what he sees, but the pace has obviously been a bit disorienting, too. The counterpoint between sweeping orchestral moves and Drake's opening deadpan delivery creates a dramatic resonance that is instantly memorable. The result has been an instant hit for Drake.

Drake's debut full-length album Thank Me Later will finally hit stores in late May 2010. His ability to draw in some of the top established and young talent in hip hop makes this a very eagerly awaited collection. "Over" sounds like Drake is up to creating an expansive, aggressive approach to his music. It does seem like the love affair between pop music fans and Drake is "far from over."

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