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Fergie - London Bridge

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Fergie - London Bridge
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The Bottom Line

Take the spirit of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," add some funky horns, and slather it all with puerile sexual raunch and you have the solo debut of Fergie, the female quadrant of Black Eyed Peas. This is purely for those who were thrilled by "My Humps."

Listen to "London Bridge."

Rate it yourself.


  • The borrowed spirit of Gwen Stefani
  • Simple catchiness


  • A dive into pop raunch
  • Derivative of other higher quality pop music


  • Echoes of "Hollaback Girl"
  • Funky horns
  • Fergie's singalong vocals
  • Sexually explicit street slang

Guide Review - Fergie - London Bridge

The solo debut of the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie seems to positively reek of commercial opportunism. Listening for the first time, it is Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" that first comes to mind. "Hollaback Girl," created with the assistance of the Neptunes, was a pop masterpiece, but the pale echo that is "London Bridge" seems more of a sarcastic ripoff.

Producer Polow the Don, the man partially responsible for Ludacris' "Pimpin' All Over the World," and the Pussycat Dolls "Buttons," adds some funky horns and songwriter Sean Garrett contributes extended use of sexual street slang in a feeble attempt to sell a derivative product. This all should come as little surprise as a follow-up to the Fergie showcase "My Humps."

Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie, does present a unique pop music persona in her mix of glamour and street smarts, but this single is not the best showcase of her talents. The debut album The Dutchess is due in stores September 19, 2006. Let's hope for something better when it arrives.

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