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Fort Minor - Where'd You Go

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Fort Minor - The Rising Tied

Fort Minor - The Rising Tied

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The Bottom Line

At last, Fort Minor, the side project from Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, is making progress up the charts in the U.S. The breakthrough is due to a very simple, straightforward tune gently expressing the longing and loneliness of those left behind when a loved one is absent for a lengthy period of time. Clear, direct female singing and male rapping delivers the sentiment loud and clear.

Listen to "Where'd You Go."

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  • Simple, direct sentiment
  • Clear, easy to understand vocals
  • Memorable, sparse melody


  • No specific negatives


  • Spare, piano-based backing
  • Bittersweet melodic vocals from Holly Brook
  • Clear, direct rap from Mike Shinoda

Guide Review - Fort Minor - Where'd You Go

Mike Shinoda, co-founder of Linkin Park, put together Fort Minor as a side project to explore additional musical ideas that do not fit the Linkin Park project. The Fort Minor album, The Rising Tied, was released in the fall of 2005. It made only a minor impact on music charts in the U.S., but it has been very popular in southeast Asia. Now, with the release of "Where'd You Go," pop radio in the U.S. is finally picking up on the music of Fort Minor.

"Where'd You Go" is an effort to turn the classic pop-rock theme of the emotional toll of being a musician on the road on its head. Instead of focusing on the impact on the musician, "Where'd You Go" is performed from the point of view of the people left at home. Shinoda's own rap and the singing of protege Holly Brook take center stage. Instrumentation is stripped down for delivery of the song's message with maximum clarity. A subtle, but effective, addition is Jonah Matanga's voice in harmony with Brook.

"Where'd You Go" is a natural for pop radio. It will draw pop and hip hop fans together with its universal emotional appeal. Look for it near the top of the polling on MTV's TRL as well as evening countdowns on pop radio stations. "Where'd You Go" is a very welcome introduction to the music of Fort Minor.

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