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Nelly featuring Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp - Grillz (Universal)

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Nelly - Sweatsuit
Courtesy Universal Music

The Bottom Line

This may definitely be the first hit song about dental accessories. 'Grillz' are tooth appliances usually made out of gold or silver that can also be decked out with precious stones. This song celebrates this latest fashion development with straightforward bass beats and hip hop rhymes.

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  • Nelly makes sure you're not left behind in the latest trend in jeweled accessories.


  • Standard-issue hip hop


  • Pumping bass beats
  • Nelly and friends celebrating precious metals and jewels on teeth
  • Should last as long as the fashion for grillz lasts...which is open to debate

Guide Review - Nelly featuring Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp - Grillz (Universal)

Grillz (or grills) first appeared in a big way in the mid-90's adorning the mouths of rap stars. In the past several months, these silver or gold, and often jewelled, mouth appliances have spread to a wide range of others who see grillz as a sign of wealth or, at least, being up with the latest in fashion. The emergence of rapper Paul Wall as a star this past year complete with an album cover showing off his grillz has pushed the tooth coverings even further into the mainstream.

It's no surprise then that St. Louis rapper Nelly, the man who hit the top 5 celebrating Nike sneakers in "Air Force Ones," has put together the first hit celebrating "Grillz." The song also features Paul Wall, who, in addition to rapping, makes grillz on the side, and Goodie Mob member Big Gipp, as well as previous collaborator Ali from the St. Lunatics. Nelly is no stranger to fashion and product placement.

The music itself is straightforward hip hop with strong bass beats and catchy rhymes. The accompanying video puts a wide range of grillz on display.

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