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Nickelback - If Everyone Cared

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Nickelback for the Adopt-a-Landmine Campaign

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The Bottom Line

It's all a bit heavy-handed, but once again Nickelback know their audience and how to please them. Obviously, Chad Kroeger's heart is in the right place even if he can't avoid an ego-centric twist in the lyrics on the way. It's another home run if you're a Nickelback fan. They deserve some grudging respect if you're not.

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  • Heartfelt
  • Thoughtful accompanying video
  • Nickelback targets their audience well once again


  • Leaning toward heavy-handed
  • Musically lacking in originality
  • Ego-centric lyrics


  • Standard rock ballad form
  • "If everyone cared...then we'd see the day when nobody died."
  • A video worth seeing

Guide Review - Nickelback - If Everyone Cared

Although it's likely a number of music critics, having decided on their opinion of Nickelback long ago, are no longer really listening, if they were, Nickelback continues to throw curves disrupting conventional wisdom about the band. Something tells me few would have expected the band to be releasing a heartfelt single promoting world peace and reconciliation just in time for Christmas 2006 and the New Year 2007. However, here we are, and my guess is that long-time Nickelback fans are not surprised in the least.

The accompanying video for "If Everyone Cared" spotlights 4 inspired individuals - Bob Geldof, Betty Williams, Peter Benenson, and Nelson Mandela. If you don't know who all of them are, I highly suggest watching the video to educate yourself. The information is simple and straightforward as are the lyrics to "If Everyone Cared." Chad Kroeger and his bandmates in Nickelback know how to reach an audience that would normally not be considered a significant part of peace movements, and that is laudable.

As is usual for Nickelback, the music isn't particularly original, and songwriter/bandleader Kroeger can't seem to avoid including his personal life within the context of his message. However, if you can't get beyond these negatives when listening to "If Everyone Cared" and watching the video, you are missing the point. This song is more about communication than art.

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