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JoJo - Too Little Too Late

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JoJo - Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late

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The Bottom Line

One of the best byproducts of TV talent shows like American Idol and all that have followed in its wake is a bountiful crop of performers who really do have solid vocal chops. Teen pop singer JoJo is a veteran of the show America's Most Talented Kids. She could sing then, and she's just getting better with age as amply demonstrated on "Too Little Too Late."

Watch the video.

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  • JoJo is maturing
  • Stronger vocals with more range
  • A sure-fire pop melody


  • No, it's not deep


  • Memorable pop melody
  • Pleasing vocals from JoJo
  • Exciting high notes in the end

Guide Review - JoJo - Too Little Too Late

Late summer when the heat is stifling and you retreat to the indoors away from the wrath of the weather, it's a great time for a sweet, straightforward pop tune. That's exactly what teen singer JoJo delivers on "Too Little Too Late." When heard on pop radio, it's the equivalent of a refreshing summer breeze.

Lyrically, the song follows a well-worn tale of relationship strife, and there is nothing particularly unique about the song's arrangement. However, JoJo can sing and sing well, and the song has a great, memorable hook. Sometimes that is all you really need.

Since her first, self-titled hit album and the pop hit "Leave (Get Out)," JoJo has matured as a performer, and you can hear it here. The production is more polished, the lyrics do dig a bit deeper, and JoJo hits high notes near the end of the song that we have not yet heard from her. This is a great taster for the upcoming second album The High Road.

If you haven't seen it yet, be sure and check out the video for "Too Little Too Late" as well. It is directed by Chris Robinson and features the photogenic, and already accomplished actress, JoJo, along with a soccer player boyfriend. The video is a perfect match for the song.

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