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Jonas Brothers - "Paranoid"

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Jonas Brothers at 17 Again Premiere

Jonas Brothers at 17 Again Premiere

Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The Bottom Line

The Jonas Brothers are growing up musically as well as physically. "Paranoid" is the first single from the upcoming album Lines, Vines and Trying Times. The guitar based pop is still here, but it is smoothed and mellowed in a way that makes the sound distinctively more adult. The subject matter of irrational fears in a relationship also takes a step forward into further complexities of life. This is classy pop-rock that will find a quick home on pop radio.


  • Mellow, more adult sound from the brothers
  • Lyrics addressing relationship concerns


  • Lacking an instant hook


  • Written by the Jonas Brothers
  • Produced by John Fields
  • Released May 2009 by Hollywood Records

Guide Review - Jonas Brothers - "Paranoid"

The Jonas Brothers burst out of the blocks on their last album A Little Bit Longer with brash, teenage energy. It was a sometimes glorious set of classic power pop that demonstrated the brothers knew something about their predecessors. Now, on the first single from the upcoming Lines, Vines and Trying Times, the brothers have decided to smooth things out a bit musically while raising the edginess of their words.

It's difficult to listen to the lyrics about paranoia in a love relationship and not wonder whether the brothers are also feeling a bit irrational about their mercurial rise to fame. Musically, the song is still slightly straddling a fence in an effort not to alienate their youngest fans, but it is clear they want to stretch themselves into the adult arena. That chugging rhythm background will almost subconsciously remind music fans of the glories of 80's pop.

"Paranoid" will fit well on pop radio, and it is likely to earn the trio new fans who will not immediately recognize this song as the Jonas Brothers. However, those who relished A Little Bit Longer will recognize the sound instantly, but see it as welcome evolution. Growing up with the Jonas Brothers has been a good ride so far.

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