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Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown - No Air

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Courtesy Underdog Entertainment

The Bottom Line

A superstar duet between American Idol victor Jordin Sparks and ultimate r&b teen idol Chris Brown is a corporate music no brainer. Unfortunately, the results are far too predictable. The song and production here are so thin it's all air. Both Sparks and Brown deserve better.

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  • Skillful vocals from 2 of the strongest young talents in pop music


  • The sound is all air
  • Production is scrubbed and sterilized to eliminate all emotion
  • Weepy lyrics


  • Tinkly keyboard and string effects everywhere
  • Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown proving their technical vocal skill devoid of emotion
  • Cheesy synth effects in the latter part of the song

Guide Review - Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown - No Air

From the kickoff of Jordin's echoey vocals it sounds like "No Air" is so light and weepy it needs special effects and production tricks to cover up the fact that there really is not much of a song here. Both Jordin Sparks and ultimate r&b teen idol Chris Brown gamely deliver solid vocals but their voices give little emotional indication they are singing about a romance that has died. Yes, the air is thin here.

As is usual, 2007's American Idol victor Sparks is handled with the utmost of musical safety in mind throughout her first album. However, Stargate proved on their production of Jordin Sparks' lead single "Tattoo" that she can be given the opportunity for her tremendously infectious personality to shine through. Instead, the Underdogs, admirable producers of the entire Dreamgirls soundtrack, scrub the sound here to such a sparkly sheen everything sounds antiseptic. The weak, tearful lyrics do not help matters either.

Fortunately, for the corporate execs, Chris Brown is at the peak of his popularity and Jordin Sparks is a deserving idol of millions of teens. The appeal of the performers is likely to carry this song into the upper reaches of the pop singles chart. However, true fans of both singers are much better served pushing repeat for Sparks' "Tattoo" and Brown's "With You."

Song released by Jive Records February 2008.

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