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Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair

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Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair
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The Bottom Line

As one may expect, Jessica Simpson's first post-divorce musical release is a diametric opposite from that of ex-husband Nick Lachey. While he was dejected and mopey on "What's Left of Me, she's fizzy and frothy on "A Public Affair." It's a perfect approach for summer.

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Rate it yourself.


  • Breezy, catchy summer fare
  • Confident vocals
  • That piece from "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"


  • Pure, insubstantial froth


  • "Holiday"-era Madonna backing tracks
  • Classic dance diva vocals
  • Percussion breakdown

Guide Review - Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair

Jessica Simpson is heading into her post-Nick career with one of the best pop singles of her career so far. While Jessica Simpson will most likely never be noted for being artistically daring, she can provide the vocals for a tasty, endearing treat for summer fun. "A Public Affair" is animated by backing tracks that call to mind "Holiday"-era Madonna. This has caused some Madonna fans to chastise Simpson for the similarity which seems odd considering a strong argument can be made that Madonna's hit "Hung Up" from last fall was built from the ground up around a huge Abba sample.

"A Public Affair" follows a classic disco game plan even including a retro percussion breakdown. The icing on the cake is a line borrowed from the Diana Ross version of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." As it is, "A Public Affair" is perfect for early evening party play. With some beefing up, it can easily become a peak hour dance hit.

Pop radio has clearly shown an interest with the song already zipping past Janet Jackson's "Call On Me" in airplay. Hopefully, this is only an appetizer for the treats yet to come when the A Public Affair album is released in late August, 2006.

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