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Ke$ha - "Your Love Is My Drug"

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Ke$ha -

Ke$ha - "Your Love Is My Drug"

Courtesy RCA

The Bottom Line

The primary problem with gimmicky, artless, tossed off pop recordings is that before long when they sound alike they get dull. Ke$ha came a bit from left-field with the slightly sleazy party tune of "Tik Tok." She followed it with the wry gender commentary of "Blah Blah Blah." Now we have more of the same musically and a simple, upbeat lyric line. It might be durable and sink in if Ke$ha's bratty, shouty sing-speak style hadn't become so tiring and the plinking toy synth electropop sound was just a bit more engaging.

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  • Upbeat, positive lyrics
  • Catchy hook


  • Ke$ha's shouty sing-speak vocals
  • Cheesy electro-pop backing


  • Written by Kesha Sebert, Pebe Sebert, and Joshua Coleman
  • Produced by Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, and Ammo
  • Released April 2010 by RCA Records

Guide Review - Ke$ha - "Your Love Is My Drug"

As soon as Ke$ha starts to shout on the chorus "Your love, your love, your love is my drug," I want to back away from the speakers and tell her to tone it down. What was sort of exciting on "Tik Tok" has become very predictable and, yes, a bit annoying two songs later. There is still some clever wordplay as she sings about acting like a "love-sick crack head," but when she moves into Katy Perry soundalike mode on the break it just makes me wish I was listening to Katy Perry instead.

"Your Love Is My Drug" is admirably catchy, and I can imagine large crowds, beer in hand, shouting along to the chorus. Ke$ha's music does fit quite well with a certain type of party. However, as she laughs and giggles along in the song it is becoming more difficult to figure out if she might be actually laughing about those who would gobble up something like this to make it a massive hit.

Ke$ha has clearly been the breakout pop artist of 2010 thus far with three top 10 pop hits and a #1 pop album. "Your Love Is My Drug" is no slouch in the chart department surging up both the Billboard Hot 100 and pop radio charts. However, listening to "Your Love Is My Drug" again does not leave me eager for what's next.

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