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Kris Allen - "The Truth" featuring Pat Monahan of Train

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Kris Allen -

Kris Allen - "The Truth" featuring Pat Monahan

Courtesy Jive Records

The Bottom Line

There is a distinctive ordinariness to "The Truth," Kris Allen's second single from his debut album, that is very disappointing. Until this point his song choice, both in American Idol and the debut single "Live Like We're Dying," has been impeccable fitting his talents perfectly. Here Kris Allen sounds almost like a Daughtry wannabe losing all of his own performance personality in the process.


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  • Power in Kris Allen's voice
  • Acceptable to mainstream pop radio


  • Standard issue power ballad lacking in distinction
  • Ordinary lyrics


  • Written by Pat Monahan and Toby Gad
  • Produced by Toby Gad
  • Released May 2010 by Jive Records

Guide Review - Kris Allen - "The Truth" featuring Pat Monahan of Train

Since Train is still reveling in the smash left-field success of their single "Hey, Soul Sister," it is a wise move to capitalize on the contributions of the group's lead vocalist Pat Monahan to the latest from American Idol winner Kris Allen. Unfortunately, his vocal contributions are nearly indistinguishable from the lead so it genuinely sounds like a cash-in instead of recognition of a relevant addition to the performance.

This is very much standard issue power ballad territory. Songwriter and producer Toby Gad knows how to hit paydirt such as with Fergie's #1 hit "Big Girls Don't Cry." Here it sounds like the song was phoned in or written to fulfill a contractual obligation. The lyrics are bland and the production adds no new life to words or music.

The positive here is that it's clear that Kris Allen has vocal power. Now it would be great to unleash that power on something more unique to him as an artist. "Live Like We're Dying" matched the sincerity and generosity in Kris Allen's personality perfectly. The result was a believable interpretation of the song and, ultimately, a top 20 pop hit. It's far from time to give up on Kris Allen as an artist, but this type of single does not help his prospects for long term appeal as a unique pop artist.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Kris Allen's THE TRUTH, Member runawaylegalsec7

Have you seen Kris perform The Truth live? It makes a huge difference. Tune in to the Finale, and you can see his live performance. I honestly love this song (it's one of my favs) because of the beautiful vocals and the emotion he pours into the song.

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