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Leighton Meester featuring Robin Thicke - "Somebody to Love"

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Leighton Meester featuring Robin Thicke -

Leighton Meester featuring Robin Thicke - "Somebody to Love"

Courtesy Universal Repbublic

The Bottom Line

The first solo single from actress and singer Leighton Meester is not to be confused with the Jefferson Airplane or Queen classics titled "Somebody to Love." This song instead is an electropop tune about that never ending search for a partner even among the jet set. Meester matches her own seductive vocals with one of the most suave male artists out there, Robin Thicke. It is a strong first single that delivers well on the promise of Leighton Meester's key guest vocals on the Cobra Starship smash "Good Girls Go Bad."


Purchase / Download


  • Leighton Meester's sexy, slinky vocals
  • Robin Thicke's smooth, intimate voice
  • Electropop synth driven singalong chorus


  • Few lyrical revelations


  • Written by Rico Love
  • Produced by Mike Caren and Oligee
  • Released by Universal Republic October 2009

Guide Review - Leighton Meester featuring Robin Thicke - "Somebody to Love"

It is never easy for a TV or movie star to transition from acting to the world of pop music. However, it looks like Leighton Meester of the show Gossip Girl is on the right track. Her guest vocals on Cobra Starship's breakthrough "Good Girls Go Bad" arguably pushed the song over the top to become a major pop smash. The spirit of sassy fearlessness helped sell the song. This time she is more seductive and just a bit world-weary but just as engaging.

Rico Love, part of the team behind Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams," wrote "Somebody to Love." It provides a fitting context for Meester to purr and cavort around the synth chords and electro beats. R&B - pop star Robin Thicke provides his own smooth and seductive male vocals as a counterpoint. A touch of French in the lyrics adds a bit of elegant sexuality to the overall picture. The prevailing sound here is a bit more late evening than the party rave-up of "Good Girls Go Bad."

Leighton Meester's full-length debut album is not expected in stores until late winter or early spring 2010, but this song should help build significant anticipation. It is easy to sing along with and will get listeners dancing at a party. This isn't simply a quick cash-in on TV success. Leighton Meester contributes highly listenable vocals with an edge of drama and sex.

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