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Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

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Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

Courtesy J Records

The Bottom Line

Leona Lewis' single "Bleeding Love" has already earned a place in pop music history. It was the biggest selling single of 2007 in the UK. Now, as she crosses the Atlantic, pop music fans have the opportunity to turn it into a smash in the US as well. If Leona Lewis succeeds, the success will be well deserved. "Bleeding Love" is top-notch pop.

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  • Leona Lewis' dramatic yet restrained vocal performance
  • Marching band drum track
  • Solemn organ chords


  • No negatives here


  • Written by Ryan Tedder and Jesse McCartney
  • Produced by Ryan Tedder
  • Released by Sony/BMG December 2007

Guide Review - Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

When Leona Lewis won X Factor in December 2006, Simon Cowell hailed her as the best contestant he had ever had on any TV talent show. Expectations were high throughout 2007 while Lewis recorded her first full-length album, and with the release of "Bleeding Love," supporters were not disappointed. The song instantly went to #1 in the UK and within 3 weeks was the biggest selling single of the year.

The success of "Bleeding Love" is not just due to the hoopla surrounding Leona Lewis and her stunning voice that is equal parts Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and her own restrained gracefulness. There is magic in the song. Co-written by OneRepublic leader Ryan Tedder and teen star Jesse McCartney, the dramatic lyrics are a perfect foil for Lewis' melismatic performance. As producer, Ryan Tedder surrounds the words with a solemn underpinning of organ chords set off by marching band style drums. These sounds help make "Bleeding Love's" audio impact different and more memorable than most other current pop hits.

A final stroke of genius in the recording of "Bleeding Love" is Leona Lewis' own vocal style. While she retains all of the range and drama of vocalists like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, she has a light touch that prevents her singing from ever going overboard. This approach leaves the listener feeling brushed by a melodic breath of fresh air and eager to hear more in the future from Leona Lewis. Her future looks bright indeed.

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